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Contract Drafting

A business needs its own contracts, drafted specifically with its needs in mind, and designed with the goal of shielding it from liability in all of its transactions. Don't utilize the other party's forms when it's unnecessary. Be ready with your own forms that were drafted for your South Carolina business.

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Contract Interpretation & Analysis

In some cases, your business may be contracting with a party that insists on using a contract designed by their attorneys. Before you sign, you need to understand the risks and benefits of doing so based on the clauses selected for the other business. 

Contract Review

Liability Forms

Many business models contain some inherent risks for the clients or customers. Such businesses need their own liability forms that explain those risks up front, in a way that absolves them from legal liability in the case of personal injury or property damage. But they also need to be tailored in a way that doesn't frighten people away from doing business with you.

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Risk Analysis

Businesses face many tricky and delicate situations, both externally and internally. Before making a big decision, or embarking on a new venture, consult a lawyer to ensure all risks and potential pitfalls are throughly vetted.

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Trademark & Copyright Advising

Trademark and copyright law is an area of great confusion for many businesses, primarily because of the advent of the internet and how it has made it easier to infringe—unwittingly—on intellectual property rights. The right attorney can simplify the law for you so you can stop worrying and get back to business.

Intellectual Property Ideas

Employment Issues

The general rule under the law is that the employment relationship is at-will. Either employer or employee can terminate the relationship for any reason. However, with any rule there are exceptions. And there are a lot of exceptions.

SC Employment Law

Discrimination and Disability

The law and regulations surrounding discrimination and disability law are vast and complicated. But pitfalls are easy to avoid with proper legal advice, and especially if employees are properly trained. 

SC Discrimination Law

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